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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Do you need to wake up your whole body and get moving?  Try pulling on your ears in all directions. There's a special type of acu-point therapy called auricular acupuncture or ear acupuncture.  Each ear has more than 150 points corresponding to every part of the body.  By massaging your ears or pulling on them in all directions you are stimulating your entire body's energetic system.

I have an ear chart and bring it with me when I teach certain workshops.  I love how the artist not only placed the points on the chart but also small drawings of body parts.

Years ago when I had this chart hanging on the wall of one of my offices I laughed so hard as a young couple stared at it intensely.  The woman kept looking at the chart then looking at her boyfriend's ear, then looking at the chart again.  Finally she spoke, “Hon, how's your elbow?”  Her boyfriend had ear piercings.  The studs went right through the points for his elbow.

Which brings up another point that I cover in the Relief At Your Fingertips Workshop.  Piercing through an acupuncture point permanently changes the energy.  When I was four years old I had my tonsils removed. Later in the 7th grade I had my ears pierced.  By the time I was in my early 20's I had grown half of my tonsils back.  My earrings go right through the points for the tonsils.

So treat those ears well.  Massage and stimulate them regularly and bring renewed energy to your whole body.  And be careful.  Consider well where you put that next piercing.  The belly button relates to your entire immune system.

And a little side note: When I was in school for Traditional Chinese Medicine I had an herbology teacher from China who used to say, "Pull on your ears, make you rich.  Look at Ross Perot, look at Rockefeller.  They have big ears and they're very rich."  I'm pulling !!!!!!

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