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Monday, October 28, 2013


Did the title catch your interest?  I hope so.  Learning should be FUN.  I believe that if you learn in a state of JOY and FUN you are more likely to remember the material.  All my workshops are presented in a relaxed, fun-filled manner.  My specialty is to keep it simple and uncomplicated.  I teach in stories and analogies and you not only see me demonstrate these simple and effective techniques, you participate.  Doing and feeling as well as seeing and hearing reinforces learning.

So come along with me via video as we learn another Super Duper Simple Technique to release the stuck energy that shows itself as sciatica running down the side of the leg.  This tip and many more is included in my workshop Relief at Your Fingertips.

Here is a simple diagram showing how to find GB 31.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


In the previous post INSOMNIA (PART 1) OBSESSION I wrote about sleeplessness due to thinking too much.  I noted a technique to calm the mind by using the OBSESSION POINTS.  If you are running the day over and over in your head those are the points to use.  Check out the post.

Now if you are trying to sleep but you feel wired as if you had too much caffeine even though you did not have any then these points can help you.   That wired feeling is an adrenal problem and there are points to soothe that buzz.

When you are in bed pull yourself into the fetal position.  You need to be able to reach your ankle, either ankle, it does not matter.  Behind the medial malleolus (the big bump on your ankle on the inside) in the space between it and the Achilles tendon is a point called Joyful Sleep or Kidney 6, K 6.  It is in the depression of the lower border of the medial malleolus.  This is a master point for strengthening the adrenal glands.  When you feel wired your stress hormones are kicking in.  Instead of taking a chill pill what you need to do is get your adrenal glands more regulated so that the adrenaline does not surge at inappropriate times, as in bedtime.  Panic disorders can also be treated with this acu-point.

There is another point located on the opposite side of the ankle called Calm Sleep or Bladder 62, BL 62.  It is in the depression directly below the external malleolus (the outside big bump).  To help you loosen the tension in your wire and fall into slumber, simply press on both points at once by pinching the back of your ankle.

If you cannot fall asleep because your partner is tossing and turning, find out why he/she is awake and apply pressure to their appropriate points.  Speak low and soft.  Tell them to take a few long slow deep abdominal breaths to induce the relaxation response then guide them to a beautiful place.  They will fall asleep in no time at all.

Acu-point therapy is an incredibly valuable tool for balancing body, mind and soul.  It is safe, easy to use and easy to learn AND you are not adding anything questionable to the stew.  There are many more points to investigate.  Remember to take care of yourself first.  You can’t care well for others when you are out of balance.  It is not a selfish thing, it a sensible approach to living life happily, healthfully and to it’s fullest.

(An excerpt from Patricia's book  “POWER POINTS - How to Press Your Points NOT Push Your Buttons” copyright 1999.  A perfect book to accompany the workshop Relief at Your Fingertips.)

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Can’t get to sleep at night?  Do you find yourself lying in bed for hours unable to let it all go and doze off?  Are you worried that your next day’s performance will suffer?  Do you finally give up and take a sleeping pill?  A great many people do, and what often happens is that they wake up after too little good quality sleep and with too much pill still in them.  They go through the day all grogged out wondering if simply staying awake all night and not taking a sleep aid would have been better in the long run.

Acu-point therapy can not only wake you up but it can also help ease you to sleep.  Even the most skeptical of my scientific friends have to admit that this technique truly works.

Here in the West when we can’t sleep we reach to put something into our body that will fix the problem.  It can be a pharmaceutical, an herb, even melatonin.  We add more to the stew. However, insomnia is NOT the problem.  It is merely a sign and a symptom of the problem.  In  acu-point therapy an important question is asked; “Why are you not sleeping?”  Your response might be, “Well if I knew THAT then I WOULD be sleeping.”  But would you?  Have you ever asked yourself exactly what you are feeling as you lie there in bed?  There are different reasons why you cannot sleep and therefore different acu-points to help unblock the stuck energy and soothe the spirit.

The next time you cannot fall to sleep easily ask yourself these very important questions.  “Am I unable to sleep because I am going over and over the day in my head unable to turn off my thoughts?”  Or maybe, “Am I unable to sleep because I feel wired, as if I had a wake-up pill or ingested too much caffeine even though I did not.”

These are two completely different reasons for sleeplessness yet most people don’t ask the questions and resort to a magic pill cure-all.  Forget the pills and address the cause so that you can drift off to sleep at ease.  These points can also be used on a sleepless partner.  There should be a third question.  “Am I unable to sleep because my partner is tossing and turning and keeping me awake?”  (If he/she is snoring that is a classic adrenal problem which I will address in a future post.)  You can apply these techniques to a sleepless partner very easily.

If you said yes to the first question, the situation where you are running the day over and over in your head, then the acu-point that you should use is Spirit Gate or Heart 7, HT 7.  It’s extremely easy to find and very accessible.   It is located on your wrist crease in line with your smallest finger.  There is another point very close by, Big Mound or Pericardium 7, P 7.  It is located on the wrist crease in the center.  You can use both of these points at the same time by placing your thumb across the crease starting at the center and covering HT 7.

I call this point combination the OBSESSION POINTS.  Isn’t that what you are doing, obsessing about things and thinking too much?  In Oriental Medicine the Heart is where our spirit lives, the Shen.  It is from the Shen or Heart that we view the world and create emotion.  Our cardio-vascular system relates to the Pericardium.

If the second question holds true for you, not being able to sleep because you feel wired, then a different point combination should be used.  This is an adrenal problem.  Stay tuned for INSOMNIA (PART 2) BUZZED.

(An excerpt from Patricia's book  “POWER POINTS - How to Press Your Points NOT Push Your Buttons” copyright 1999.  A perfect book to accompany the workshop Relief at Your Fingertips.)

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Monday, October 7, 2013


Note:  Happy Anniversary to the BeBestBlog.  We have been posting for one month and now have readers in 16 countries!!!   Keep passing these great tips along.  Thank You for checking in.

In the workshop Be Ever-Young - the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift I teach a segment called "What Your Face Says About You" (Oriental Visual Diagnosis).  One thing I mention is Puppet Face.  Puppet face is a term used for the vertical lines on either side of the mouth that appear as a women gets older.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine this area reflects the state of the reproductive system, more specifically the ovaries. The closer a woman is to menopause the deeper the lines become. Be Ever-Young's Facial Renewal Exercises and the Acupressure Face-Lift Routine can aid immensely in keeping the area toned and the energy freely moving. It is however, a tough battle to fight.

I have found in years of clinical work that my clients who have had a hysterectomy or were forced into an early menopause quickly developed these puppet face lines.  Learning the Facial Renewal Exercises and the Acupressure Routine and performing them regularly will help keep you from looking like a "wooden dummy".

Here’s a Bonus Facial Renewal Exercise that you can do whenever you stop at a red light.  It helps pull up the muscles on the side of the mouth.

The Snarl

50 repetitions

With your face relaxed lift up your top right lip as if in a snarl. Try to touch your lip to the top of your ear. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat. Do the same on the left side.

One side of your face will move easier than the other. Most of us tend to have a dominant side. You may actually have to hold one side down with your fingers and really concentrate on the movement on your non-dominant side. Since it is preferable to have a symmetrical face you should always try to do more repetitions on the weaker side.

What Your Face Says About You is just one segment of the Be Ever-Young - the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift workshop.  Other segments include:  An explanation of how the face is structured differently than the rest of the body, Facial Renewal Exercises, the Acupressure Face-Lift, and an Inner Beauty Guided Imagery Session.  You can find the Inner Beauty Guided Imagery session on my youtube channel.  Have Fun!

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