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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is the first of many blog posts to come.  Get excited.  There's so much information to share that the main BEBEST.COM web site will explode.  Check back here often for the latest news and updates on course offerings and support tools that I am making available on the internet.

The BEBEST.COM website is getting a complete face-lift to reflect all the fabulous International Wellness Workshop offerings for 2014..

Here is a preview of the main workshops available for your retreat or wellness center.  Yes - get excited.  VERY EXCITED.

  • Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift

I created this program in 1997 and it is my personal favorite. I simply adore watching the faces change before my eyes.  Stress fall away, cheeks perk up, eyes brighten and everyone just floats away at the end.

The workshop consists of some fun demonstrations using Applied Kinesiology as we gather.  Once everyone is settled in we begin with a brief explanation of the face and its muscle/skin relationship and how it is different from the rest of the body.  Let's call that the Science Segment.  We move on to Facial Renewal Exercises.  Yes, the Gym Segment.  After we learn all the different exercises I let people rest while I explain what the face says about the rest of the body.  This is the Health Segment - "What Your Face Says About You".  I am trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and one assessment tool we use is called Oriental Visual Diagnosis.  In short, I read faces.  What appears on the outside reflects what is happening on the inside.
Next up is the Art Segment.  Each person learns step by step how to perform The Acupressure Face-Lift Routine while coloring in their charts for reference later.  And last, but certainly not least is the not quite Nap Segment where I lead everyone in a Guided Imagery session called Inner Beauty  (Look for the sample youtube post in the next few days when the audio is uploaded.)

  • Hot Flashes - Close the Flood Gates

Near and dear to my menopausal heart is this workshop on Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.  What can be done about them?  PLENTY! What makes this workshop different?  EVERYTHING!

I teach in analogy and stories.  One of my best skills is explaining how things work so simply that people can't help but understand.  This workshop begins with explaining why a woman has hot flashes, what the mechanism is (it is a hormone flood) and how to fix the broken communication between the ovaries and the brain.

Quite frankly my passion screams through this workshop because if I can give women a real working alternative to prescriptions, patches and/or supplements I have fulfilled one of my purposes in this life.  Imagine... no potions, lotions, or pills to buy.  All a woman needs to do is learn the pathways and use the protocol.  The second part of the workshop is learning a simple routine using reflex points and acupressure to stop the hormonal flood.  We pair up and run the pathways of communication on each other until it is second nature.  If a hot flash comes up due to adrenal stress (this is explained as well) a woman can simply pop into the ladies room for three minutes, do the routine and close the flood gates.  This is POWERFUL.

  • Relief at Your Fingertips

You have a portable medical kit that is with you wherever you go.  Yes, all you need are your fingers and the knowledge of where to apply pressure.  Anyone can learn these techniques to relieve so many annoying symptoms. This enlightening and educational workshop is packed full of simple needle-less Acu-point techniques to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Can't sleep at night?  Don't take a sleeping pill that will leave you groggy the next morning. Learn the Power Points that help you to drift off to sleep naturally.

Feeling a bit muddled and can't think clearly?  Learn how to activate your brainpower.

Simply exhausted and need to perk up for the next thing on your "to do" list?  Don't use another cup of coffee and get an acid stomach and all jittery.  Learn the Power Point for overcoming exhaustion in a pinch.

Rocks in your shoulders or tension in your neck?  Learn the Power Points that can relieve muscular tension and stiff necks.

Feeling nervous?  Learn the Power Points that calm and sooth the nerves.

Struggling with addictive behaviors or blue moods?  Learn Power Points to help you control your cravings.

Do you have pain, concentration problems or feel tired or frazzled?


  • The Life Electric

(Applied Kinesilogy)

  • Chronic Pain Relief

(The Tools of Three)


Be Well and Chau 4 Now

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