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Sunday, April 5, 2015


What a LOVELY way to wake up on Easter morning! I received a notification of a review a student (who I have never met and do not know) left about my FACELIFT course. Thank you! I am so glad she gets it.

This is what she wrote (copy paste)

This is a great course. I have done other facial exercises which required putting your fingers in your mouth which I did not like. I can see improvement and will continue the program. The instructor is very friendly and experienced. Her pictures are clear and I was able to download the program to my tablet and do the program anywhere without needing the internet. This is great. The program is easy to do and I hope to look as good as she does.

Wonderful. I want to get this course to so many more women and men - yes MEN - many of my students are men now. Fantastic! When I began giving this course LIVE I only had a few men appear in the classroom but now times have changed and more men are showing up. Below is a link to get a more than half off discount. Use it and pass it around. You deserve to look and feel great.

THIS IS THE LINK - the image is different but the course is exactly the same. Click through and get the discounted price.  HAPPY SPRING!