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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Here is another Super Duper Tip for you.  This video was recorded a few months ago up in New England.  I have been in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the last few weeks and have not been posting. I promise I will do better with that.  My internet connection is quite slow to be uploading new videos to my youtube channel but I'll get it going very soon.
So back to the tip... Got Hunger?  With such busy lifestyles many times we can't stop what we are doing to eat a proper meal.  Rather than resort to eating bad food try this simple acu-point technique to stave off your hunger until you can get something really healthy to eat.  This point, Stomach 13, (ST 13) is also great for unclogging your sinuses and keeping your internal organs in place.  Watch the video for more information and remember to subscribe to this blog and to the youtube channel.

I cover so many more acu-points and techniques in the workshop Relief at Your Fingertips.  Let me know what is important to you and I will do my best to post helpful information here in the blog.

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