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Monday, December 16, 2013


The loss of libido happens to everyone at one point or another.  Let's chat about that today.  There are several causes from stress, to trauma, to hormonal changes and more.  I don't have space here to cover all of those causes so I am going to give you a few simple techniques that hopefully will help.

Several years ago I was speaking at a convention of the contractors involved in Boston's BIG DIG. It was held at the Newport Marriott Hotel in Rhode Island and I was speaking on stage. I heard a man in the third row joke to his wife sitting next to him, “I wonder if she has a point to boost your libido.” Well... I take good cues in my presentations so I decided to go with it with a bit of humor.

As I was in a navy blue double breasted business suit with a little turtleneck sleeveless shell underneath and getting warm from the spotlights I paused to take my jacket off and place it on the chair that had been provided for me. But first I addressed the man in the third row.

“I heard that question. Let me say it louder for the rest of the audience. This gentleman would like to know if there are any acupressure points to stimulate the libido.” The audience laughed and jabbed one another. I continued, “Well yes there are.” I then slowly unbuttoned my jacket and removed it to the chair.

His wife screamed, OH MY GOD SHE IS GOING TO SHOW US!”

“Yes I am.” I laughed. But the acu-point is on your ankle. It is hot up here. I am ONLY taking off my jacket.”

The point that I demonstrated to the audience is KID 6. Other points on the kidney meridian may also be used. The easiest one to simulate are located on the leg but for now let's remind you of the location of K6.  This picture is from the post about INSOMNIA and not being able to sleep because you feel BUZZED.  K6 is where the thumb is pressing in this drawing.

And remember the point for WATER RETENTION, K1? That point can also be used. It is located on the bottom of the foot.

Here is a great explanation of using acu-points for the sex drive. Watch the first half of the video for the information. I would record a video for you to watch myself but I am on the road in South America at the moment. Dr. Sacha Landreneau, owner of Hillcrest Community Acupuncture presents the information fabulously and in a fun and easy to understand way.

Along with the kidney meridian Dr. Landreau refers to the Conception Vessel. You can massage points on that meridian in a gentle circular motion to increase libido.  These points are located slightly below your navel and to the pubic bone.

Another point that you can use in located on the ear. It is called the Bosch Point. The simplest way to stimulate it is with the tip of your finger. You can also use a blunted toothpick, or...dare I say your partner's tongue.

Quoting Rowan and Martin's Laugh In
“Blow in my ear and I will follow you anywhere.”

Oh and please note that boosting the libido is not just button pushing in an instant.  It can take some time.  And as for the Bosch Point please beware.  An hour or so after stimulating it an explosion of feelings can come.  Do you want that in the middle of the street or during a meeting?  Noooooo. A wise person once said, "Don't heat the coffee when there is no one there to drink it."

There it is – Have fun.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Best.

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Monday, December 9, 2013


So you get into your car and are ready to go and you twist around to check other cars around you and OWWWW!  You get a pain in your chest.  You get anxious and do not breathe well and ask yourself "Am I having a heart attack?"

Well probably not but if you really think that you are here are the signs and heed them.  Pull over to the side of the road if you can and call 911. DEFINITELY - DO NOT HESITATE - GET HELP!  NOW!

But maybe you know it is a pulled muscle or spasm and you still need to be driving.  Here is a little tip to help take that tension out of your shoulder blade (scapula) that can radiate to your chest.  Then you can continue on without too much worry and more importantly distraction from the road.  Driving is a HUGE responsibility, not just for you and the people in your car but for others driving on the road.  You have a over a ton of volume plus velocity under your control so be safe, sane and responsible.

And if you are on your cell phone or texting you are just being - a DANGER for everyone so STOP IT!

Anyway - here is the rest of my tip.  BE SAFE PLEASE.

I hope that helps!
Be Happy - Be Healthy - Be Best! - BE SAFE!

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Monday, December 2, 2013



Are you an emotional eater?  When you feel stressed do you reach for food?  Do you feel that if you just ate a "little" bit more that hollow feeling would be filled and satisfied?  It doesn't really work that well now does it?  Let me give you an acu-point that can ease that hollow empty feeling so you don't need to use the binge and destroy tactic.

In this short video I demonstrate how to use an acu-point technique that is simple and effective.  Check it out.

And here is an excerpt from my book "Acupressure for Balanced Weight."

CV 12 is also known as REN 12 or the Sea of Nutritive Energy. This point aids in the assimilation of food, eases lethargy and fatigue, eases symptoms of nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and an acid taste in the mouth. It helps to move food quickly and efficiently through the digestive system and breaks through obstructions to relieve gas, cramping, bloating and stomachaches. It helps to resolve dampness and phlegm in the digestive tract, muddled thinking, slurred speech, forgetfulness, dull throbbing headaches and sinus stuffiness.

CV 12 is located in the pit of the stomach mid-way between your navel and the lower end of your breastbone. A good way to measure would be to place your hand horizontally across your abdomen with your baby finger on your navel. CV 12 is located just above your index finger. Press in very gradually angling upwards until you feel a lump or a knot. Hold for a minute or two and breathe deeply.

Often we feel an discomfort at CV 12 or an emptiness, not only when we are hungry for food, but also when we are hungry in spirit. This discomfort or emptiness is often medicated with food. We try to fix this feeling by eating or overeating. Acupressure can help release the tension that is there and rebalance the system. Relieving the tension by pressing in on this point is a far better solution than overeating.

Excess worry can also create tension here. Excess worry and over-thinking is an imbalance of the Earth element. Find CV 12, breathe deeply, press and release the worry, anxiety and fear.

When you eat less you may feel a hollowness in your stomach or an empty feeling. Utilizing this Acu-point can help alleviate the achy feeling by making the area feel comfortably filled. In addition, pressing at CV 12 tones the abdominal muscles.

Utilize this Point Before You Eat.


I  hope that helps you and the ones you love.  Be Happy - Be Healthy - Be Best!

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