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Monday, September 30, 2013


The concept of CHI (energy) made incredibly simple.


One of my specialties is teaching in analogy. Complicated concepts can be made very simple as demonstrated in this video. This is part of a radio interview with former US Ambassador Al Adams on radio URBANAFM 89.5 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Join us while we laugh and play with the concepts of energy and chi.  It is informative, it's simple and IT'S FUN!  Come laugh and learn with us.

You are the body electric!. Keep those cars moving!

The workshop Relief At Your Fingertips goes so much further than this short slide video.  The longer radio version is available on the side bar by clicking into the URBANAFM LOGO.  The full workshop teaches you so many more techniques to help you stay out of the medicine cabinet, out of the doctor's office and to keep you from spending a fortune on pills and potions to feel better.  It is not a cure-all.  It is simply a big help to get you feeling your BEST.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Do you need to wake up your whole body and get moving?  Try pulling on your ears in all directions. There's a special type of acu-point therapy called auricular acupuncture or ear acupuncture.  Each ear has more than 150 points corresponding to every part of the body.  By massaging your ears or pulling on them in all directions you are stimulating your entire body's energetic system.

I have an ear chart and bring it with me when I teach certain workshops.  I love how the artist not only placed the points on the chart but also small drawings of body parts.

Years ago when I had this chart hanging on the wall of one of my offices I laughed so hard as a young couple stared at it intensely.  The woman kept looking at the chart then looking at her boyfriend's ear, then looking at the chart again.  Finally she spoke, “Hon, how's your elbow?”  Her boyfriend had ear piercings.  The studs went right through the points for his elbow.

Which brings up another point that I cover in the Relief At Your Fingertips Workshop.  Piercing through an acupuncture point permanently changes the energy.  When I was four years old I had my tonsils removed. Later in the 7th grade I had my ears pierced.  By the time I was in my early 20's I had grown half of my tonsils back.  My earrings go right through the points for the tonsils.

So treat those ears well.  Massage and stimulate them regularly and bring renewed energy to your whole body.  And be careful.  Consider well where you put that next piercing.  The belly button relates to your entire immune system.

And a little side note: When I was in school for Traditional Chinese Medicine I had an herbology teacher from China who used to say, "Pull on your ears, make you rich.  Look at Ross Perot, look at Rockefeller.  They have big ears and they're very rich."  I'm pulling !!!!!!

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Friday, September 20, 2013


Earlier this week I awoke early as I had a client meeting. I had not seen her in several months. I showered and dressed and put a on bit of makeup (I wear very little, very little) and headed off to the appointment. My face felt a bit tight from my sleeping hours. I looked ALMOST MARVELOUS. I needed to PERK IT UP a bit more. In a previous post I noted an overall point on the face to PERK IT UP but I was driving a stick shift so I couldn't use the Acupressure Face-Lift point. I needed both hands to drive. Instead I used a powerful Facial Renewal Exercise that I teach in the Be Ever-Young Workshop. Maybe I should have saved it for a Halloween post.  It is scary.   But it works!

The Horror Movie Scream
5 repetitions
Take a deep breath in and upon exhaling open your mouth and your eyes as wide as you can until all the air is expelled from your body. Relax for a breath or two and repeat.

Beware, exercises like this one can scare people and pets, but oh, they feel wonderful! If it is appropriate, go ahead and scream, LOUD!!  Let it all out.

I love this video from several years ago but I must disagree Billy/Fernando... “It is not how you feel, it's how you look.” NAH! You need to FEEL MARVELOUS from the inside out and then you will really look MARVELOUS.

Do all of the Facial Renewal Exercises taught in the workshop plus the Acupressure Face-Lift Routine and experience the Inner Beauty guided imagery session and you will LOOK MARVELOUS too.

Laugh and be happy! The key to looking good is FEELING good.

By the way my client saw me and said "YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!"  Laugh and BE WELL, BE BEST!

Enjoy your weekend!

PS:  You can find the Inner Beauty Guided Imagery session on my youtube channel.  Have Fun!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


An extremely important part of the Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift workshop is the Acupressure Face-Lift Routine. I developed my version of the routine after certifying as an Asian Bodywork Therapist.  I always topped off a therapeutic shiatsu session with a face-lift.  My clients adored it.  When I put together the Be Ever-Young program I simply had to include it.

The actions are a specific routine that works downward from the top of the head to the neck.  The direction is important as you are releasing tension and toxins down into the lymphatic ­system.  Workshop participants learn the routine while coloring in a face chart to refer to after the workshop is over.

Over the course of the years facilitating the Be Ever-Young Workshop I have had so many happy women comment to me that after the Acupressure Routine Segment their plugged sinuses are clear, their TMJ doesn't ache, their eye sight seems sharper and their whole face feels lighter.

I am not going to post the full routine from my book here but I don't want to tease you either.  Let me give you one overall point that you can use anytime during the day or night to revive the energy of your face.  It certainly cannot replace the full routine or the entire workshop but it can act like a mini pick-me-up.

The acu-point is ST 3.  It is located just below the center of each eye below the cheekbone.  This point is often known as Facial Beauty or Great Seam.   It is the crossing point of the Stomach meridian and one of the eight extraordinary vessels.  The point can be a bit tender.  Lightly press on this point for several seconds.  If the spot feels extremely tense you may also use a tiny, light circular motion.

NOTE:  This point can also help relieve clogged sinuses.

(The Acupressure Face-Lift is just one segment of the Be Ever-Young - the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift workshop.  Other segments include:  An explanation of how the face is structured differently than the rest of the body, Facial Renewal Exercises, What Your Face Says About You (Oriental Visual Diagnosis), and an Inner Beauty Guided Imagery Session.)

Enjoy.  Be Well.  Be Best.

Monday, September 16, 2013


WAKE UP!  It is Monday morning and I thought maybe you could use a little help.  Whether you are a student beginning a week of classes, a person working in an office or anyone needing to get going but still sit still here is a great little yet powerful tip for you.

(An excerpt from Patricia's book “POWER POINTS - How to Press Your Points NOT Push Your Buttons” copyright 1999.  A perfect book to accompany the workshop Relief at Your Fingertips.)

"Before we go too far in the learning process, there is one Power Point that I want to introduce you to. So often I speak at times of the day or in the evening when people have just eaten. By the time they settle in for a presentation all the blood that should be providing their brains with oxygen and clarity has been re-directed to their bellies to digest their meals. People feel tired, even sleepy. Soon after I begin my presentation, in about another half an hour or so, the yawning begins. No, it’s not the material, and I hope it is not the presenter. What it is is simple body chemistry, blood sugars or fatigue. Therefore, the very first Acu technique that I want to present to you is all about bringing yourself back up from exhaustion. This Power Point can wake you up and get your circulation flowing throughout your entire body while sitting still. The point can actually be used for loss of consciousness.

This Power Point is called Labor’s Palace or Pericardium 8.  We abbreviate the name down to P 8. It’s located in the center of your palm. Use the tip of your thumb and press in, then PUMP it. Just press and release, press and release, press and release. It’s like doing CPR on the palm of your hand. This point can also help overcome sunstroke. It’s absolutely fabulous when you simply have to stay awake. I call Pericardium 8 the EXHAUSTION POINT.

In anatomical terms the pericardium is the sack that surrounds the heart. In Oriental Medicine the points along the Pericardium pathway access the cardio-vascular system. Pumping P 8 literally pumps your cardio system up. You become more awake as your blood gets moving while sitting still.

If you are a manager that schedules morning meetings with your sleepy staff, show them this trick. Although you may be tempted to grab their hands and pump them up yourself, it’s best to keep your hands to yourself. Demonstrate the technique for them and then, if they ever seem sleepy or begin to yawn during a meeting or presentation simply get their attention, look them right in the eye, put your thumb to the center of your palm and PUMP. They’ll learn the signal, will follow along and wake themselves up.

How many people do you know that depend on coffee or colas to keep their eyes open? You might be one of them.  I used to be. I am sure that it’s no surprise to hear that the caffeine in those drinks can make you incredibly jittery, nervous, anxious, it can keep you awake at night and it also can be extremely addictive. In addition, it weakens your adrenal glands. Over time the adrenals can become so weak that they don’t regulate the hormones that they produce properly. This can lead to inappropriate bursts of adrenaline and subsequent unexplained panic attacks.  Instead of resorting to caffeine to PUMP yourself up you now have a Power Point to do it without any debilitating side effects."

Have a wonderful healthy week.  Be Well.  Be Best!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Look at these stock photos. All the models are showing the same sign of inner health and it isn't a good one  Professional model makeup could not cover it up.  Do you see it?  It is not their smile.  It is...


(From the “What Your Face Says About You” Segment of the Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift Workshop.)

The colorings under the eyes are very telling. You know what they look like when you have missed a good night's sleep. Often there is a bluish cast under the whole eye. A little rest should clear that up. I rarely worry about that one. The coloring that truly makes me worry is blue/black. It lays in the corners under the eye by the bridge of the nose.

What is adrenal burn-out and why is it so dangerous? Your adrenal glands get weakened by mental, emotional and physical stress, improper lifestyle, stimulants (yes like caffeine and nicotine) and certain foods. Modern day life burns women out faster and deeper than men as we often try to do everything. The adrenals are very important because they produce and regulate several key hormones such as the ones that quell inflammation, regulate sleep, balance our minerals and tell us when to fight or take flight. If these glands are not regulating correctly you end up with a depleted immune system, inflammations, illnesses and panic attacks. Oh and some of the many other discomforts surrounding menopause and peri-menopause; HOT FLASHES and NIGHT SWEATS. The adrenal glands are the back up to the ovaries for the sex hormones. This blue/black in the corner of the eyes is a serious sign to take action and make some changes NOW.

In future posts I will write about more facial visual clues to your inner health.  Stay tuned...

From the workshop Be Ever-Young.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Your face says a great deal about you.  It's true that we communicate how we are feeling to the rest of the world through our expressions.  Our face color, wrinkles and marks also say a lot about our health. Learning to read the face will clue you into which organ systems are energetically and/or physically weak. Once you understand the underlying condition often signaled in the facial colorings, you can go about correcting diet and lifestyle to bring yourself back into better balance.

In the Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift Workshop I teach a segment on "What Your Face Says About You"  (Oriental Visual Diagnosis).  After people attend the workshop they look at others in a completely new way.  In future blog posts I will map out key facial features that reflect your inner health.  Stay tuned...

Monday, September 9, 2013


I wasn't going to make a post today but something came up for me and I just had to share.  The weather is changing in New England.  It is getting chilly at night then the temperatures are up and down during the day.  School has started.  Vacations are over and we are around more people in closer spaces with closed windows.  That means we are sharing the indoor air and spreading respiratory germs.  I awoke with a FOGHORN COUGH so I took QUICK action.

Here is a very impromptu Super Duper Quick Tip video for you.  Use this fantastic tip as soon as you feel that little tickle, experience that wheeze or hear that special cough.  You will be very glad that you did.

I cover so many more acu-points and techniques in the workshop Relief at Your Fingertips  Let me know what is important to you and I will do my best to post helpful information here on the blog.

Here is a drawing of LU 11 to help you out.  Check back often, search the blog and visit BEBEST.COM for more info and videos.

Enjoy your healthy week ahead.


Sunday, September 8, 2013


Do you feel fatigued or like you are dragging?  Or maybe you're uncomfortable from water retention.  I have a tip for you that you are really going to like.

Before I trained in acu-point therapy I used to suffer each winter when I flew to the heat and humidity of Florida.  Often I had only one week to visit family.  Usually the first half of my stay I felt like I had blown up like a balloon, a very uncomfortable and crabby water balloon.  It took days to get my body to adjust.  I experienced so much wasted time feeling bloated and fatigued.  Now I always use this fantastic little tip and never suffer.

On the bottom of each foot is an acu-point named Gushing Spring or Kidney 1.  This point is not only used for edema (water retention) but it also connects into the adrenal glands and can help energize you.  At night you can massage the point before sleeping and it helps you relax and sleep soundly.  That sounds like a contradiction but it isn't.  Acu-point therapy helps to regulate the glands and organs so the body does what it is supposed to do, when it is supposed to do it.

And now here is your tip:  Go into the kitchen, open up the cabinet and take out that package of split peas that you have had sitting in there for years.  You only need two split peas.  Split peas are hard and fairly uniform, flat on one side and curved on the other.  They make perfect acu-pressure tools.  Now that you have your pressure peas go to the medicine cabinet and get some medical tape.  Put the flat side of the pea on a piece of tape and place the rounded side on Gushing Spring (see photo for location).  Rub the tape down so it sticks well to the bottom of your foot.  Do this to both feet.  Each step that you take will stimulate the point.  Since Kidney 1 aids in releasing water retention you may find yourself needing the bathroom more often than usual.  I apply the peas while on the plane before landing at my hot and humid destination.  It works like a charm.  I don't arrive bloated and tired  I arrive full of energy thanks to my Acu-Peas TO GO.

This is just one of the many points and techniques I teach in the Relief at Your Fingertips Workshop.  It's a great trick of the trade. You can keep the peas on for two days at most then please remove them.  You don't want the body to get too accustomed to the pressure.  Drink plenty of good, fresh, clean water to replenish yourself and help washed the old gunky water away.

Friday, September 6, 2013


It is Friday.  Are you getting a bit foggy and unclear at the end of the week?  If so then try using this acu-point to brighten up your brain.  I call it the Brain Point and I teach it before all of my workshops.  I want people sharp and attentive.

The point is very easy to find.  Just place your index finger behind that little tab on the lower part of your ear.  Press the front of your ear tab with the tip of your thumb.  You don't have to press hard.  Just press lightly to connect to the energy and careful if you have sharp fingernails.  This is acu-point therapy and not acupuncture.  Take a few deep breaths and experience how much clearer you feel.  I simply love this point.  No wonder I have everyone using it before we get started.

Have a wonderful stress-free weekend and check back again soon.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


As I promised in my earlier post I am letting you know that the guided imagery session that is part of Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift has been uploaded.  ENJOY!


This is the first of many blog posts to come.  Get excited.  There's so much information to share that the main BEBEST.COM web site will explode.  Check back here often for the latest news and updates on course offerings and support tools that I am making available on the internet.

The BEBEST.COM website is getting a complete face-lift to reflect all the fabulous International Wellness Workshop offerings for 2014..

Here is a preview of the main workshops available for your retreat or wellness center.  Yes - get excited.  VERY EXCITED.

  • Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift

I created this program in 1997 and it is my personal favorite. I simply adore watching the faces change before my eyes.  Stress fall away, cheeks perk up, eyes brighten and everyone just floats away at the end.

The workshop consists of some fun demonstrations using Applied Kinesiology as we gather.  Once everyone is settled in we begin with a brief explanation of the face and its muscle/skin relationship and how it is different from the rest of the body.  Let's call that the Science Segment.  We move on to Facial Renewal Exercises.  Yes, the Gym Segment.  After we learn all the different exercises I let people rest while I explain what the face says about the rest of the body.  This is the Health Segment - "What Your Face Says About You".  I am trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and one assessment tool we use is called Oriental Visual Diagnosis.  In short, I read faces.  What appears on the outside reflects what is happening on the inside.
Next up is the Art Segment.  Each person learns step by step how to perform The Acupressure Face-Lift Routine while coloring in their charts for reference later.  And last, but certainly not least is the not quite Nap Segment where I lead everyone in a Guided Imagery session called Inner Beauty  (Look for the sample youtube post in the next few days when the audio is uploaded.)

  • Hot Flashes - Close the Flood Gates

Near and dear to my menopausal heart is this workshop on Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.  What can be done about them?  PLENTY! What makes this workshop different?  EVERYTHING!

I teach in analogy and stories.  One of my best skills is explaining how things work so simply that people can't help but understand.  This workshop begins with explaining why a woman has hot flashes, what the mechanism is (it is a hormone flood) and how to fix the broken communication between the ovaries and the brain.

Quite frankly my passion screams through this workshop because if I can give women a real working alternative to prescriptions, patches and/or supplements I have fulfilled one of my purposes in this life.  Imagine... no potions, lotions, or pills to buy.  All a woman needs to do is learn the pathways and use the protocol.  The second part of the workshop is learning a simple routine using reflex points and acupressure to stop the hormonal flood.  We pair up and run the pathways of communication on each other until it is second nature.  If a hot flash comes up due to adrenal stress (this is explained as well) a woman can simply pop into the ladies room for three minutes, do the routine and close the flood gates.  This is POWERFUL.

  • Relief at Your Fingertips

You have a portable medical kit that is with you wherever you go.  Yes, all you need are your fingers and the knowledge of where to apply pressure.  Anyone can learn these techniques to relieve so many annoying symptoms. This enlightening and educational workshop is packed full of simple needle-less Acu-point techniques to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Can't sleep at night?  Don't take a sleeping pill that will leave you groggy the next morning. Learn the Power Points that help you to drift off to sleep naturally.

Feeling a bit muddled and can't think clearly?  Learn how to activate your brainpower.

Simply exhausted and need to perk up for the next thing on your "to do" list?  Don't use another cup of coffee and get an acid stomach and all jittery.  Learn the Power Point for overcoming exhaustion in a pinch.

Rocks in your shoulders or tension in your neck?  Learn the Power Points that can relieve muscular tension and stiff necks.

Feeling nervous?  Learn the Power Points that calm and sooth the nerves.

Struggling with addictive behaviors or blue moods?  Learn Power Points to help you control your cravings.

Do you have pain, concentration problems or feel tired or frazzled?


  • The Life Electric

(Applied Kinesilogy)

  • Chronic Pain Relief

(The Tools of Three)


Be Well and Chau 4 Now