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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


An extremely important part of the Be Ever-Young - The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift workshop is the Acupressure Face-Lift Routine. I developed my version of the routine after certifying as an Asian Bodywork Therapist.  I always topped off a therapeutic shiatsu session with a face-lift.  My clients adored it.  When I put together the Be Ever-Young program I simply had to include it.

The actions are a specific routine that works downward from the top of the head to the neck.  The direction is important as you are releasing tension and toxins down into the lymphatic ­system.  Workshop participants learn the routine while coloring in a face chart to refer to after the workshop is over.

Over the course of the years facilitating the Be Ever-Young Workshop I have had so many happy women comment to me that after the Acupressure Routine Segment their plugged sinuses are clear, their TMJ doesn't ache, their eye sight seems sharper and their whole face feels lighter.

I am not going to post the full routine from my book here but I don't want to tease you either.  Let me give you one overall point that you can use anytime during the day or night to revive the energy of your face.  It certainly cannot replace the full routine or the entire workshop but it can act like a mini pick-me-up.

The acu-point is ST 3.  It is located just below the center of each eye below the cheekbone.  This point is often known as Facial Beauty or Great Seam.   It is the crossing point of the Stomach meridian and one of the eight extraordinary vessels.  The point can be a bit tender.  Lightly press on this point for several seconds.  If the spot feels extremely tense you may also use a tiny, light circular motion.

NOTE:  This point can also help relieve clogged sinuses.

(The Acupressure Face-Lift is just one segment of the Be Ever-Young - the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift workshop.  Other segments include:  An explanation of how the face is structured differently than the rest of the body, Facial Renewal Exercises, What Your Face Says About You (Oriental Visual Diagnosis), and an Inner Beauty Guided Imagery Session.)

Enjoy.  Be Well.  Be Best.

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