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Friday, September 6, 2013


It is Friday.  Are you getting a bit foggy and unclear at the end of the week?  If so then try using this acu-point to brighten up your brain.  I call it the Brain Point and I teach it before all of my workshops.  I want people sharp and attentive.

The point is very easy to find.  Just place your index finger behind that little tab on the lower part of your ear.  Press the front of your ear tab with the tip of your thumb.  You don't have to press hard.  Just press lightly to connect to the energy and careful if you have sharp fingernails.  This is acu-point therapy and not acupuncture.  Take a few deep breaths and experience how much clearer you feel.  I simply love this point.  No wonder I have everyone using it before we get started.

Have a wonderful stress-free weekend and check back again soon.


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