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Monday, November 25, 2013


I am sure that this has happened to you.  You have a cold with a nagging cough and it interrupts your ability to communicate.  You need to stop chatting on the phone or presenting in a meeting.  I posted several weeks ago about what to do about the first onset of a cough to boost your system before it goes too deep.  You can find that post HERE.  But this situation is different.  The cough is already deep and down right annoying.  What can you do about it?  KARATE CHOP IT!

In this short video I demonstrate a really nifty technique to quell the need to cough in a pinch.  It was taught to me many years ago by a Japanese bodywork instructor.

You do not have to be so precise in the location of the acupuncture points because by hitting the two meridians or channels of energy you give the electrical circuitry an energetic jolt.  If you really want precise points look to these graphics below.  The specific points are LU 6 and LI 7 but chopping the areas work just fine.

I hope that helps!
Be Happy - Be Healthy - Be Best!

I cover so many more acu-points and techniques in the workshop Relief at Your Fingertips  Let me know what is important to you and I will do my best to post helpful information here on the blog.  Check out the main web site @ BEBEST.COM

Sunday, November 17, 2013


In just a few days I will be traveling again. This time I will be flying to South America for a three month tour teaching and playing. Trust me, I will be using many of my own Super Duper Tips while I am en-route. From where I am in Massachusetts to where I will be staying in the city of Buenos Aires it is usually about 24 hours door to door. With cramped airplane seating, awful plane food, bad and drying air, pressure changes and of course going from freezing temperatures to a glorious 80 F (I am a warm weather person) I will need many of my "tricks of the trade" to keep balanced and cheerful. Luckily I am going north to south so I will not need to deal with jet lag, but if you are traveling east/west/east here is a link to a pretty good PDF on using acupressure for jet lag.

So what are my BE BEST tips for flying especially from cold and dry conditions to hot and humid? PEAS! Yes peas. No, not to eat, to use on your acu-points in flight. Let me explain.

Men and women, but especially women have a tendency to blow up like balloons in hot and humid weather. It can make us feel so uncomfortable that it ruins our travel experience for the first few days after arrival. We retain water all over our body and this in turn affects our physical comfort and our emotional tolerance.  By taping a split pea on an acu-point on the foot water retention can be relieved and we can feel great when landing. I know that I covered this tip in a previous post but it is worth noting again. I definitely will be using this tip this week. I am going to link to the previous post so that you can check it out in full. WATER RETENTION POST

The next tip is also really great.  If you don't use it on yourself you may need to use it on a fellow passenger that has a fear of flying (anxiety), or a child seated near you that's crying (more anxiety – learn this and you will be a goddess to the other passengers), or someone with air sickness or a queasy stomach. The acu-point that I am talking about is my favorite and most useful point for travel. It is Pericardium 6, P6 and it works like magic. The pericardium is the double-walled sac containing the heart.

P6 is located two to three finger widths above the crease of your wrist in the middle of your arm. It's where your watch band hits. It's used for air, sea, car, motion, and morning sickness. There's a product on the market that you can buy at your drug store that utilizes P6 for these symptoms. They are called SEABANDS. They are inexpensive and easy to use. You can also simply tape some split peas (round side to the skin, flat side to the tape) to your wrist points.  And if you don't have any peas available you can apply pressure with your finger.

The reason why the symptoms of anxiety, nausea and shallow breathing manifest is because the body is in "hyper state of diaphragm". The diaphragm moves up and down when you breathe. In times of stress most people do not take deep relaxing breaths. Their breathing is done high in the chest putting pressure on the pericardium.  The diaphragm doesn't move fully in its range. This anatomical energy block results in all those uncomfortable symptoms and several more. The way to reduce the symptoms is to release the pressure by using the P6 point while breathing very deeply in and out. Laughter can be a great way to facilitate deep breathing. Breathe in and belly laugh ALL THE WAY OUT and do it again, and again, and again.  Soon people around you will join in.

If you are in a chronic "hyper state of diaphragm" look to see if there is a Laughter Yoga group near you. I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and I highly recommend laughing your way to health.  Check out this short video from Robert Rivest and view the other great videos on his you tube channel. 


Thank you Robert.  VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD, YAY!

Well that's all folks. I need to get back to packing...

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Best!  And share some laughter!

See you on the flip side.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Do you need a pick-me-up? No I am not talking about a cup of coffee.  I am talking about an emotional and psychological lift.

Are you feeling a bit stressed, a little down, frazzled, overwhelmed or not feeling good about yourself?  Are you in need of some good positive self-talk?  Well here you go.  This is my gift to you.  It is a free video called Lift-Me-Up.  It is an audio of affirmations to boost your self esteem and set you back on track.  And because all the relaxation cues have been removed you can listen to this audio anywhere and at anytime.

Here is the description from the CD insert.  And yes - that is my voice. 

"Lift-Me-Up Imprinting is a Take-Along Pick-Me-Up.

Be Ever-Young’s Lift-Me-Up is a powerful goal-imprinting session. The audio program consists of affirmations or positive statements that when used repeatedly, can recondition your subconscious mind at a deep level, turning negative thoughts into ones that can positively change your reality.

Beauty truly is not simply skin deep. How you feel on the inside is reflected on the outside. Scowl lines around the eyes and forehead come from inner tension. A tight jaw can lead not only to a "hard" look but also to teeth grinding and clenching. Creating a mindset of peacefulness will help "soften" inner and outer tension and help bring your inner beauty out.

Why goal-imprinting with positive statements? Well you see, your reality is defined not just in your outlook, we have all heard "think positive," rather, it’s defined in what you actually experience in your life. It’s rarely enough to think positively, it’s so much easier said than done. Our conscious minds block our wishes to affect permanent and lasting changes. This is why audio programs and repetition can help. By listening and then repeating statements over and over again, you actually bypass the critic of the conscious mind and affect the subconscious mind, the part that controls everything, your emotions, your thoughts, your actions, your body chemistry, and the energy that you magnetize to yourself.

You can truly shine from the inside without consciously thinking about it.

You may use Lift-Me-Up Imprinting anywhere and at anytime, while gardening, doing the dishes, taking a walk, or even driving an automobile. Suggestions for deep relaxation have been omitted. It is also very effective to work with these statements while you are comfortable, relaxed and very much at ease. If you do grind your teeth, listening to this audio program prior to drifting to sleep may help reduce that tendency to clench.

Experience Beauty from the Inside Out.

Lift-Me-Up Imprinting is just one part of this fantastic, integrated and very effective program. It is a collection of quick pick-me-up affirmations designed to reinforce positive images and infuse you with a sense of security and beauty. Enjoy Inner Beauty Imagery during quieter moments and Lift-Me-Up anytime."

This audio track is inspired by Be Ever-Young (The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift) Program and Workshop.  Watch a video about the workshop.

Visit BEBEST.COM for more information about workshops and programs being offered internationally.

NOTE:  Are you looking for workshops for your resort or retreat center?  Contact me for speaker's rates and availability.  If you are a producer seeking voice talent ask for my demo.

And as always - BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY and BE BEST!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Now that Halloween is over are you finding your throat a bit raspy from all the screaming in haunted houses or watching horror movies?  Or maybe you have been yelling during the World Series (congratulations Boston Red Sox!) or these autumn days of football.  Or maybe like me your passion is talking for hours speaking in front of audiences. Well I have another Super Duper Tip to help relax your throat muscles and help them heal up.  Singers take note!


The acu-point to use is called TH 3 or TW 3 (triple heater or triple warmer). It is important to note that this point is used for voice strain and not for a sore throat due to a cold or virus.  Sorry, but it will not work for that.  It is specifically for the discomfort from over working your voice singing, screaming, shouting, yelling and speaking.  The point is very simple to find.  It is located between your ring finger and your baby finger just past the knuckle on the back of your hand.

You can lightly pinch between your fingers to stimulate the point or use your fingertip to genttly rub the top of your hand.  Either hand will do just fine.

So there you go, another quick and easy tip to help you feel better and keep you out of the medicine chest.  For more tips keep checking the blog.  And SHOUT US OUT to your friends.  You can follow the posts by email using the link on the top right sidebar.  Check out the youtube channel and of course visit BEBEST.COM for more information on Patricia's International Wellness Workshops.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, BeBest.