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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Do you feel fatigued or like you are dragging?  Or maybe you're uncomfortable from water retention.  I have a tip for you that you are really going to like.

Before I trained in acu-point therapy I used to suffer each winter when I flew to the heat and humidity of Florida.  Often I had only one week to visit family.  Usually the first half of my stay I felt like I had blown up like a balloon, a very uncomfortable and crabby water balloon.  It took days to get my body to adjust.  I experienced so much wasted time feeling bloated and fatigued.  Now I always use this fantastic little tip and never suffer.

On the bottom of each foot is an acu-point named Gushing Spring or Kidney 1.  This point is not only used for edema (water retention) but it also connects into the adrenal glands and can help energize you.  At night you can massage the point before sleeping and it helps you relax and sleep soundly.  That sounds like a contradiction but it isn't.  Acu-point therapy helps to regulate the glands and organs so the body does what it is supposed to do, when it is supposed to do it.

And now here is your tip:  Go into the kitchen, open up the cabinet and take out that package of split peas that you have had sitting in there for years.  You only need two split peas.  Split peas are hard and fairly uniform, flat on one side and curved on the other.  They make perfect acu-pressure tools.  Now that you have your pressure peas go to the medicine cabinet and get some medical tape.  Put the flat side of the pea on a piece of tape and place the rounded side on Gushing Spring (see photo for location).  Rub the tape down so it sticks well to the bottom of your foot.  Do this to both feet.  Each step that you take will stimulate the point.  Since Kidney 1 aids in releasing water retention you may find yourself needing the bathroom more often than usual.  I apply the peas while on the plane before landing at my hot and humid destination.  It works like a charm.  I don't arrive bloated and tired  I arrive full of energy thanks to my Acu-Peas TO GO.

This is just one of the many points and techniques I teach in the Relief at Your Fingertips Workshop.  It's a great trick of the trade. You can keep the peas on for two days at most then please remove them.  You don't want the body to get too accustomed to the pressure.  Drink plenty of good, fresh, clean water to replenish yourself and help washed the old gunky water away.

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