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Monday, November 11, 2013


Do you need a pick-me-up? No I am not talking about a cup of coffee.  I am talking about an emotional and psychological lift.

Are you feeling a bit stressed, a little down, frazzled, overwhelmed or not feeling good about yourself?  Are you in need of some good positive self-talk?  Well here you go.  This is my gift to you.  It is a free video called Lift-Me-Up.  It is an audio of affirmations to boost your self esteem and set you back on track.  And because all the relaxation cues have been removed you can listen to this audio anywhere and at anytime.

Here is the description from the CD insert.  And yes - that is my voice. 

"Lift-Me-Up Imprinting is a Take-Along Pick-Me-Up.

Be Ever-Young’s Lift-Me-Up is a powerful goal-imprinting session. The audio program consists of affirmations or positive statements that when used repeatedly, can recondition your subconscious mind at a deep level, turning negative thoughts into ones that can positively change your reality.

Beauty truly is not simply skin deep. How you feel on the inside is reflected on the outside. Scowl lines around the eyes and forehead come from inner tension. A tight jaw can lead not only to a "hard" look but also to teeth grinding and clenching. Creating a mindset of peacefulness will help "soften" inner and outer tension and help bring your inner beauty out.

Why goal-imprinting with positive statements? Well you see, your reality is defined not just in your outlook, we have all heard "think positive," rather, it’s defined in what you actually experience in your life. It’s rarely enough to think positively, it’s so much easier said than done. Our conscious minds block our wishes to affect permanent and lasting changes. This is why audio programs and repetition can help. By listening and then repeating statements over and over again, you actually bypass the critic of the conscious mind and affect the subconscious mind, the part that controls everything, your emotions, your thoughts, your actions, your body chemistry, and the energy that you magnetize to yourself.

You can truly shine from the inside without consciously thinking about it.

You may use Lift-Me-Up Imprinting anywhere and at anytime, while gardening, doing the dishes, taking a walk, or even driving an automobile. Suggestions for deep relaxation have been omitted. It is also very effective to work with these statements while you are comfortable, relaxed and very much at ease. If you do grind your teeth, listening to this audio program prior to drifting to sleep may help reduce that tendency to clench.

Experience Beauty from the Inside Out.

Lift-Me-Up Imprinting is just one part of this fantastic, integrated and very effective program. It is a collection of quick pick-me-up affirmations designed to reinforce positive images and infuse you with a sense of security and beauty. Enjoy Inner Beauty Imagery during quieter moments and Lift-Me-Up anytime."

This audio track is inspired by Be Ever-Young (The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift) Program and Workshop.  Watch a video about the workshop.

Visit BEBEST.COM for more information about workshops and programs being offered internationally.

NOTE:  Are you looking for workshops for your resort or retreat center?  Contact me for speaker's rates and availability.  If you are a producer seeking voice talent ask for my demo.

And as always - BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY and BE BEST!

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  1. Hi there....thank you for this meditation...I really felt relaxed and the clenching went away and I could truly feel the tension leave my body....I am going to listen to this daily and work on releasing the stress I have been carrying in my jaw...thanks so much for your help and this beautiful meditation time....xxxooo Maureen