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Friday, November 1, 2013


Now that Halloween is over are you finding your throat a bit raspy from all the screaming in haunted houses or watching horror movies?  Or maybe you have been yelling during the World Series (congratulations Boston Red Sox!) or these autumn days of football.  Or maybe like me your passion is talking for hours speaking in front of audiences. Well I have another Super Duper Tip to help relax your throat muscles and help them heal up.  Singers take note!


The acu-point to use is called TH 3 or TW 3 (triple heater or triple warmer). It is important to note that this point is used for voice strain and not for a sore throat due to a cold or virus.  Sorry, but it will not work for that.  It is specifically for the discomfort from over working your voice singing, screaming, shouting, yelling and speaking.  The point is very simple to find.  It is located between your ring finger and your baby finger just past the knuckle on the back of your hand.

You can lightly pinch between your fingers to stimulate the point or use your fingertip to genttly rub the top of your hand.  Either hand will do just fine.

So there you go, another quick and easy tip to help you feel better and keep you out of the medicine chest.  For more tips keep checking the blog.  And SHOUT US OUT to your friends.  You can follow the posts by email using the link on the top right sidebar.  Check out the youtube channel and of course visit BEBEST.COM for more information on Patricia's International Wellness Workshops.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, BeBest.

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