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Monday, December 16, 2013


The loss of libido happens to everyone at one point or another.  Let's chat about that today.  There are several causes from stress, to trauma, to hormonal changes and more.  I don't have space here to cover all of those causes so I am going to give you a few simple techniques that hopefully will help.

Several years ago I was speaking at a convention of the contractors involved in Boston's BIG DIG. It was held at the Newport Marriott Hotel in Rhode Island and I was speaking on stage. I heard a man in the third row joke to his wife sitting next to him, “I wonder if she has a point to boost your libido.” Well... I take good cues in my presentations so I decided to go with it with a bit of humor.

As I was in a navy blue double breasted business suit with a little turtleneck sleeveless shell underneath and getting warm from the spotlights I paused to take my jacket off and place it on the chair that had been provided for me. But first I addressed the man in the third row.

“I heard that question. Let me say it louder for the rest of the audience. This gentleman would like to know if there are any acupressure points to stimulate the libido.” The audience laughed and jabbed one another. I continued, “Well yes there are.” I then slowly unbuttoned my jacket and removed it to the chair.

His wife screamed, OH MY GOD SHE IS GOING TO SHOW US!”

“Yes I am.” I laughed. But the acu-point is on your ankle. It is hot up here. I am ONLY taking off my jacket.”

The point that I demonstrated to the audience is KID 6. Other points on the kidney meridian may also be used. The easiest one to simulate are located on the leg but for now let's remind you of the location of K6.  This picture is from the post about INSOMNIA and not being able to sleep because you feel BUZZED.  K6 is where the thumb is pressing in this drawing.

And remember the point for WATER RETENTION, K1? That point can also be used. It is located on the bottom of the foot.

Here is a great explanation of using acu-points for the sex drive. Watch the first half of the video for the information. I would record a video for you to watch myself but I am on the road in South America at the moment. Dr. Sacha Landreneau, owner of Hillcrest Community Acupuncture presents the information fabulously and in a fun and easy to understand way.

Along with the kidney meridian Dr. Landreau refers to the Conception Vessel. You can massage points on that meridian in a gentle circular motion to increase libido.  These points are located slightly below your navel and to the pubic bone.

Another point that you can use in located on the ear. It is called the Bosch Point. The simplest way to stimulate it is with the tip of your finger. You can also use a blunted toothpick, or...dare I say your partner's tongue.

Quoting Rowan and Martin's Laugh In
“Blow in my ear and I will follow you anywhere.”

Oh and please note that boosting the libido is not just button pushing in an instant.  It can take some time.  And as for the Bosch Point please beware.  An hour or so after stimulating it an explosion of feelings can come.  Do you want that in the middle of the street or during a meeting?  Noooooo. A wise person once said, "Don't heat the coffee when there is no one there to drink it."

There it is – Have fun.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Best.

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