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Monday, October 7, 2013


Note:  Happy Anniversary to the BeBestBlog.  We have been posting for one month and now have readers in 16 countries!!!   Keep passing these great tips along.  Thank You for checking in.

In the workshop Be Ever-Young - the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift I teach a segment called "What Your Face Says About You" (Oriental Visual Diagnosis).  One thing I mention is Puppet Face.  Puppet face is a term used for the vertical lines on either side of the mouth that appear as a women gets older.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine this area reflects the state of the reproductive system, more specifically the ovaries. The closer a woman is to menopause the deeper the lines become. Be Ever-Young's Facial Renewal Exercises and the Acupressure Face-Lift Routine can aid immensely in keeping the area toned and the energy freely moving. It is however, a tough battle to fight.

I have found in years of clinical work that my clients who have had a hysterectomy or were forced into an early menopause quickly developed these puppet face lines.  Learning the Facial Renewal Exercises and the Acupressure Routine and performing them regularly will help keep you from looking like a "wooden dummy".

Here’s a Bonus Facial Renewal Exercise that you can do whenever you stop at a red light.  It helps pull up the muscles on the side of the mouth.

The Snarl

50 repetitions

With your face relaxed lift up your top right lip as if in a snarl. Try to touch your lip to the top of your ear. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat. Do the same on the left side.

One side of your face will move easier than the other. Most of us tend to have a dominant side. You may actually have to hold one side down with your fingers and really concentrate on the movement on your non-dominant side. Since it is preferable to have a symmetrical face you should always try to do more repetitions on the weaker side.

What Your Face Says About You is just one segment of the Be Ever-Young - the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift workshop.  Other segments include:  An explanation of how the face is structured differently than the rest of the body, Facial Renewal Exercises, the Acupressure Face-Lift, and an Inner Beauty Guided Imagery Session.  You can find the Inner Beauty Guided Imagery session on my youtube channel.  Have Fun!

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