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Thursday, January 8, 2015


It's the new year and that means resolution time.  People are taking action to look and feel better. Online course enrollment is up for both my weight loss and my facelift course. Excellent. I am happy to share my powerful techniques. Let's all look and feel MARVELOUS in 2015!
It is Elvis Presely's birthday today and in honor of The King of Rock n' Roll I am extending the discount coupons for both of my courses. Take advantage now by following these links. FACELIFT TO GO and NO EFFORT WEIGHT LOSS.
JANUARY 8, 1935 - AUGUST 16, 1977
So what is the connection between Elvis's birthday and my online courses? Well just look at that face. Elvis is the master of THE SNARL which is the BONUS Facial Renewal Exercise in the Facelift to Go course.  That's right, his sexy sneering lip action helps to reduce PUPPET FACE.  It pulls up the muscles that sag on both the sides of the mouth.
Ladies we have ALL done this.  We have all stood in front of the mirror and placed our fingers to the sides of our eyes and ever so slightly pulled up the skin to the hairline and thought, "Just a teeny tiny bit higher and I would look SO MUCH YOUNGER."
Yes, you are correct.  You would definitely look younger.  But surgically taking a little tuck in the skin wouldn't do much of anything.  Your skin is attached to the muscles underneath.  If the muscles are the same saggy mess the skin would just follow suit and sag again, quickly. What you need to do is tighten the underlying muscle. Going the surgical route would mean time off from work, swollen black eyes, pain, sleeping sitting up for awhile, covering up from the sun and counting on the help of a caregiver to do all of the bending for you for at least a week. No reading unless you hold the newspaper or book out in front of you. You are not supposed to look down. Horrors - no laptop? It may seem nice to have someone clean the cat little for awhile but to help you put on your socks and tie your shoes? To keep cold saline soaked rags on your eyes to reduce the swelling?  To drive you to all your appointments? And GOD forbid what if the doctor makes a mistake? What if there is an added infection and scarring? Wouldn't you rather get the results naturally? Of course.
You could tighten those muscles by SMILING - A LOT.  That would be a simple way but it's not necessarily the easiest way. Life is life. Most people have way too much stress to be smiling all day long. So why don't you simply tighten the muscles with the safe and easy facial renewal exercises in the Facelift to Go Program? It is an option and a very good one at that.  :)

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Let's all look and feel MARVELOUS in 2015!



With your face relaxed lift up your top right lip as if in a snarl. Using just your muscles and your willpower try to touch your lip to the top of your ear. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat. Do 50 repetitions on each side (more if possible). Fit this exercise in wherever and whenever possible.
Note: One side of your face will move easier than the other. Most of us have a dominant side. You may have to hold down one side with your fingers and mentally concentrate on the movement on your non-dominant side. Since it is preferable to have a symmetrical face you should always try to do more repetitions on the weaker side.
This exercise will help with that Puppet Face that appears beginning in peri-menopause. Instead of kegels at red lights perform the snarl.

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